Friday, 28 December 2012

Love During Death!

Is love worth having even if it's not meant to be kept?

After a series of strange and deadly events, Fia Dannii discovers what it is truly like to live after death. Stuck in the in-between, Fia sets out to discover what in life she missed that would be preventing her from passing on. When Dion walks into her life after death, Fia struggles to believe that he holds the key to her afterlife, and her heart. Fia has to choose between loving Dion or walking the earth forever as an entity, stuck in the in-between.

Release Date - January 1st, 2013

From December 28th THROUGH January 1st, you can order your own signed paperback copy of Love During Death! Both US and International options are available.
For more information, go to the amazing Rachel Olson's website:

Hurry and claim your book while you can! You don't want to miss out :P

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