Dark Shadows

With distractions around her and danger nearby, will Layla escape death, keeping her secret? Or will it end when the hunter steps from the shadows?

Layla is incredibly weak from serious wounds after the attack and the hunger raging inside of her does not help. When Shade tempts her, with not just his body, but with his blood also, Layla struggles harder than ever. As much as she wants his blood pouring into her mouth while he takes her, she cannot do it. Her secret, her hidden identity will get out—and that she cannot handle.
Layla tries to continue to live her life as normal, however, things turn bad when Layla and Nikalye discover something and Layla has to fight for her life, putting everyone in serious danger.
Layla is on the lookout now, and the only distraction is Shade. When he speaks, when he breathes down her neck and touches her, she cannot remember anything but him. When they get intimate, it is all she can do to keep herself breathing as he pleasures her. She cannot understand how they both react so strongly with each other, but she does not care.
Yet she feels as though something is going to go horribly wrong, not with Shade and herself, but something else, something bigger…and she is not wrong.
It is worse than before and Layla has no choice now but to reveal whom she really is, and risk everyone hating her for the rest of her time in the academy.
What is her secret?


“Father knows I can come to you whenever I need you, and you will always check up on me.”
“He knows,” he agreed. “You know he will always worry about you.”
“And I will not stop him, just as I worry for him, you, and Doxiak.”
“Though there is no need.”
I laughed. “Indeed,” I said, nodding. “I am quite sure Father would not worry if I was armed,” I added.
Nikalye chuckled. “I am sure he would not, but you know the rules. The others are not allowed to be armed.”
“I know. I just miss it that’s all.”
“I would be incredibly surprised if you did not. You love your spear.”
I laughed again. “Do you remember when you first gave it to me?”
“You squealed, if I remember correctly,” Nikalye said with a smile.
“First time, too.”
“You were so happy with your gift that you tried to hit Doxiak with it for all the times he hurt you while healing you.”
“He ran around the room avoiding me.” I chuckled. “I do not think he came near me every time I had that weapon.”
“If I remember correctly, he went on a little holiday.”
We both laughed at that. I sighed and shook my head slightly—those times I longed to remember, not forget.
A slight wind blew around the trees, blowing my hair from my face and ruffling my clothes. I breathed in the fresh air and hunger burned through me, making me stop in my tracks and growl.
Mi Belleza Oscura, what is—” He stopped, having smelled the scent I had smelled faster than him.
We both sniffed the air before I was running through the trees as fast as my weakened state could. Nikalye was right behind me. I jumped over a fallen tree and stopped suddenly with my heart hammering in my chest and sweat breaking out across my forehead.
Mi Belleza Oscura, stay back,” Nikalye murmured, touching my shoulder. I did as he said but did not take my eyes away as Nikalye walked forward slowly, looking around for any signs of danger. He bent and put his hand out.
“It is vampire, Nikalye,” I said. Nikalye lifted his hand back up and then walked towards me. He grasped my arm, to no doubt take me out of the clearing and to safety, when he sucked in a breath, his eyes turning white.
“They will come soon, dressed in black, their faces hidden,” Nikalye spoke in Spanish. “They seek the one who ran from them, they seek revenge. Blood will be split.”
“Nikalye,” I spoke quietly and calmly. “When will this happen?”
“When the sun is at its highest point, and the light shines down upon the land. They will come.” Nikalye’s eyes fluttered and he closed them before opening them. They were back to their normal colour. He grasped my upper arms tight enough to make me gasp.
“Nikalye,” I said.
“You must go inside, do not come out.”
“Okay, Nikalye,” I said quickly, knowing not to fight him with this.
“Come, we must leave.”
“But what about—”
“I will send someone out to search. We have to find him or her.” I swallowed and looked over his shoulder. It was bad. The fact that there was no body made it worse. We did not know whom or when the attack happened and if they were still alive or dead. Judging by the pool of blood, shining even in the darkness and teasing me with its scent, I thought the latter...

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