A Dark Hunger

Warning! Adult content
In a fight for freedom, hunger consumes them both. But it’s not the enemies who are in danger...
After attacking a human when Surquyn loses control of her hunger for blood, nearly exposing what they were, Riyzan decides to take the newly changed vampire to a secluded place to help her control the urges that consume her mind and body.
Surquyn responds well to the training, but when their safe place is raided by unsuspected enemies with weapons stronger than Riyzan believed possible, and Surquyn is taken from him before they can finish, he must act fast if he’s to save her in time to stop her hunger from killing her.
Will they reign over their hunger and defeat the enemies, or will hunger consume them both?
  Surquyn turned slowly, searching the room but couldn’t see or sense him anywhere.
  She licked her lips slowly and knowing his eyes watched her every move, she slowly unbuttoned the coat and slipped it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.
  A low growl sounded across the cave.
  Surquyn smiled. She knew Riyzan couldn’t resist the sight of her standing nude any more than he could resist biting her during sex.
  To tease him more, she backed away slowly until the small of her back came into contact with the table that sat in the middle of the room. She eased herself onto it and lay down, spreading her legs at the same time. She ran her hands over her breasts before moving them lower.
  Riyzan appeared out of nowhere, completely naked, and crushed her lips with his, forcing a moan of pure desire from her lips. He pulled away enough so she could catch her breath back, and licked her lips, making her heart jump widely.
  Surquyn wrapped her legs around him and ran her hands over his tanned skin, feeling the raised marks that covered his back and arms. Scars she herself had made during their time of passion.
  “You, my Queen, are a witch,” Riyzan whispered seductively.
  “I am hungry.” Surquyn licked his neck to emphasize her words.
  Riyzan growled. “What will you learn if you keep testing my self control, knowing I will do anything for you and give you everything if it means I can watch you squirm in pleasure underneath me?”
  “Maybe it is not just me who needs to learn self control.” Surquyn kissed his neck and ran her fangs over his pulse.
  Riyzan wrapped his fingers around her neck and tilted her head back. “It is not wise to tease me when I have the thing you crave.”
  “You cannot control your urges any more than I can control mine.”
  “Maybe not.” Riyzan’s gaze was full of lust. “But there is patience that I excel in. You will pay for taunting me before I give you what you desire.” With that, Riyzan kissed her once and then ran his lips down her neck, kissing and nibbling her sensitive flesh before he moved lower.
  Surquyn gripped his arms tight, digging her nails into his skin as his fingers began exploring their own path over her body.
  As his fingers delved deep inside her, finding the spot that made her entire body shake with lust, she cried out his name.
  Riyzan moved his lips lower and rested his chin just above her clitoris. He gazed up at her with lust filled eyes. “You should have remembered how patient I can be, and how much detail I pay attention to when it comes to making you scream my name.”
  She shuddered with the memories. Yes, she definitely knew how patient he could be and remembered how much she had cried out his name after battle when battle lust had consumed them both.
  In that instant, she regretted teasing him with promises of pleasure. Once he had finished playing with her, she would be hungrier for both blood and his touch than before.
Riyzan knew exactly what to do to teach her a very valuable lesson. One she would feel for weeks.
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