Dark Secrets

Betrayed by the one she loves and out for revenge, will Layla seek what she is looking for? Or will her dark secrets stop her?

The hunter has made himself known, and now everyone is gone. Layla and a few others are now being hunted and have become hunters themselves. They must travel through an underground cave in order to get to those they love and Layla is not stopping for anything.
There are other creatures in the cave which they encounter, and some they wish not to even see, and with no success.
Their lives, and those who have been taken, are on the line, and the farther they walk through the cave, the more they are faced with danger, the more Layla struggles to keep her deep dark secrets just thata secret.t is not that simple, however. And as the secrets unfold, the hunter closes in.Will it be too late for Layla to save the others?

Nikalye and the others were surrounded by a pack of wolves, a large pack—a mixed colour of grey, brown and black. They were the size of bears and there were over twenty of them. Wolves didn’t normally stay together in such a large group because they fought for food, for the females, for everything really. Therefore, I was surprised to see such a large pack.
It was a good thing the wolves had not seen me. Those wolves were extremely angry and the vampires would not be able to survive if they should attack. Nikalye seemed to know this, I thinkhe was standing in front of the others, his arms outstretched, not looking threatening in the slightest.
I wondered if he also knew that was not going to help.
Me? Well, I knew I could not survive an attack by these wolves, but that had never stopped me. I enjoyed a challenge.
I walked into the middle of the pack before launching myself at the pack leader and tackling him into submission. The wolf growled as I wrapped my arm around its neck and pulled its head back, but otherwise did not try to get me off him—and I knew he could do so in a second. He was large with golden brown hair, large ears and very sharp teeth. I did not care. I just looked around at all of the other wolves who were now growling as I put all of my weight down on the wolf, making him lie on his stomach.
“Back away slowly and I will not harm your male.” I said it loudly, so my voice echoed around the uneven cave walls and floors. Some of the lighter coloured wolves whined and backed away. Others stayed where they were, crouching low and growling. The wolf underneath me growled back at them and they backed off quickly. I waited a second before climbing off the wolf and letting him go. I backed away two steps but no farther, and watched the wolf shake and change, his limbs shortening and cracking and his hair receding back into his body until there was a man standing tall and proud where the wolf had just been.
He was also naked.
“Wow.” I grinned at the females who were looking at the male with their eyebrows raised and their mouths open. I agreed that it was a nice sight to see. The male stood six feet tall with tanned skin and a hard muscled body. He was a big male—and I was not talking about his height.
He had a square jaw and full lips and his eyes were light golden brown, the same colour as his long hair.
“Layla.” He said my name in a deep vibrating voice before he grabbed me quickly and pulled me hard against his body. He nuzzled my neck and I breathed him in deeply, enjoying the smell of wood and man before he turned his face to me and kissed me hard. I let him and I enjoyed it too.
“I have missed you, Haydon,” I said against his lips...

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