Darkness Arising



Free at last…Or is she?

Layla is finally free from the nightmares the humans caused and is trying to give everyone the life they deserve, helping them to know their enemies and train to fight against them. With Shade by her side, loving her with more than his touch and body, anything is possible, and Layla has never been happier as she prepares everyone for future dangers. Now that the humans are out of the picture, the Shadow Demons are on the hunt.

However, she is not prepared herself when darkness arises inside the one creature she thought she knew. Someone that could bring down all creatures alike in a matter of seconds, someone who knows everything about her, knows all of her secrets. Knows what she fears most.

Who is it?


Shade groaned above me, slowly slipping out of me before he moved into me equally slowly. He muted our bond and I drew in a deep breath, moaning as mini shocks of pleasure went through me.
“I love you, my Little Dhampir,” Shade whispered in my ear. Then he turned me around and pushed himself into me deeply, making me arch away from the bed and allowing him to capture one of my nipples with his mouth. He grasped both of my breasts, pushing them together so he could go from one to the other easily.
I ran my hands through his hair and sighed in pleasure as he began to move slowly, sliding through me easily. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him in deeper. He groaned, bent over me and licked the top of my nipple. He put his mouth over my areola and looked up at me with heated eyes.
Then he bit me.
“Oh!” I gasped and arched up, ignoring the pain it caused my back. Shade took a deep, slow pull and the pleasure in my stomach rose, burning the area around Shade’s bite. I grabbed his hair as he took another pull, longer this time, and began moving slowly.
I moaned when Shade tugged at my breast, and I felt his tongue circling my nipple, sending pain and pleasure shooting through my breast. His thrusts became harder and his pulls on my breast became more frequent as he became lost in the pleasure and taste of my blood.
Shade pulled his fangs out of my skin and licked the wound he had made, making me moan with pleasure. When he moved to my next breast, I was still caught off guard with the amount of pleasure that shot through me with his bite.
I dug my nails into his skin, allowing our bond through because I could not keep it muted any longer. Shade growled around my breast before he rose on his knees and, keeping his gaze on me, slammed himself into me hard. I thrust my breasts out, gripping him tight when he touched my clitoris, rubbing his thumb in small circles over it with one hand, and putting a hand on my stomach when I squirmed away with the other.
“Shade, let me come!” I growled at him, making him smile. He ignored me and continued to pleasure me without letting me come. I was drenched in sweat and hot, making the sweat dripping from Shade sting just slightly. My legs were aching from clenching them tightly around him, and almost felt heavy, weak. I felt incredibly sensitive everywhere and when Shade grinned and touched my clitoris, rubbing it with small circles, the sensation sharpened and grew, making me throb with the need to come.
Shade let the tension build, and pleasure build with it, keeping his gaze locked with mine. He knew I was at the point of coming, but still, he did not let me.
He shifted, lying down beside me and lifting the leg closest to me up straight. He kissed his way up my leg before turning my head and kissing me softly.
My clitoris burned white hot, making me growl and then suddenly, I seemed to explode…

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