Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Books, books, and MORE free books

The Cursed in Darkness series is in need of the form of Reviews!

That way, I can create an awesome promotional poster like this one.

If you enjoy reading erotica, paranormal romance, and are interested in free books, please contact me at, with CURSED IN DARKNESS in the subject line.

I'm in need of trustworthy readers who will not take my book for granted, remember, I'm giving you free books (unless you buy them yourself).
If you don't like the book, write a review anyway, but please be professional about it. I won't tolerate my book being slammed. I can't please everyone, nor will I be upset if you didn't like the book and gave me a bad review.
A bad review is just as good as a great one. Look at E.L. James!

All the information you need on the seven book series is right here on this blog, to the right, where there are covers, blurbs and excerpts to all the books.

Thank you!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Back into the Author's mind with On-going series and WIP's

Okay, so let’s dive back into my mind and see what new things I’ve been doing.


So, the Cursed in Darkness series is OVER! Finished! No more!

Or is it?...

It's my pleasure to introduce The World of Darkness series, a spin-off from the Cursed in Darkness series, continuing the story of Layla, except from others point of views.

Now I know a LOT of you liked Nikalye so much when you read the Cursed in Darkness series ('re all obsessed!) which is why Nikalye's story comes first in the World of Darkness series.

Dark Desires, which is now A Dark Desire is available from eXtasy Books, Amazon, B&N and other e-book stores.

This book continues off from the Cursed in Darkness series, and lets you get to know Nikalye just a little bit more. With surprises of course ;)

Dark Hunger, now A Dark Hunger is the second book and available also at eXtasy Books, amazon and other e-book stores.

This story is about Riyzan and Surquyn.

Those of you who have read Darkness Unveiled will be excited about this story.

I won’t say anymore because it will give away major spoilers! But I am seriously excited about this book and the HUGE twist at the end.

I have goose bumps thinking about it :P


A Dark Passion is next. A book I’m writing in between books.

This book is about Tyroz and his part in all of this.

I'm really going to enjoy writing this book because I'm going to give Tyroz the ass-kicking he deserves for how he treated Layla. Or should I say, I'm going to give him a woman who will give him the ass-kicking he deserves ;)


Next is A Dark Temptation? Thurasin's story. Which I don’t have a cover for.

But here’s the blurb:
When Thurasin goes back to his home, he never expects to find a beautiful red-headed woman hiding within his castle.
Seeing a threat, Ahzelia attacks Thurasin but he’s too strong and fast and stops her before she can do any real damage. Demanding to know who she is, Ahzelia gives nothing away and Thurasin has no choice but to lock her up until he gets his questions answered.
Temptations rise as Thurasin is in Ahzelia’s company and neither of them stop their desires taking control. Ahzelia begins to open up to him, when his castle is raided. With Thurasin’s life on the line, Ahzelia must reveal who she really is to save him from the fate the humans have in store.
Can she save him, or will she fail, truly becoming the last of her kind?


Then A Dark Change...a surprise book for all my readers. I know this book will make you all SCREAM with excitement because of who it is about. And scream with frustration because of all the horrible twists I've added into it.

We'll have to see ;)


A Dark Seduction is next in the series. This book will be INCREDIBLY interesting because it's Saugner's story and we all know how much he can get you hot and bothered with just a touch ;) *fans face*


A Dark Flame...well I have no idea if I'm even writing this book yet. I don't want to but it depends on what the readers want.


Because it's Haydon's story.

Those of you who have read the Cursed in Darkness series will know he's in love with one woman and one woman only. Layla. I just don’t think I can take that away from him, but the reason I gave him a book title is because I can't let him suffer either.

So, if you readers want to see Haydon ignite the flame of his own true love, then I'll write it. If not...then I won’t.


Now there will be more in this series but I haven't figured out the names and who the story will be about yet. I'll keep you all updated!

But what I do know, is that A Dark Touch brings an end to the series.

Doxiak's story.

I can't say much about this story because it will give away spoilers if I do.

So, that's the World of Darkness series.


Now, onto another series. Which one do I start with?

Okay, let's start with the Soul Bite series. This series is contracted by RED SAGE PUBLISHING! Yes, that's right, I have two publishers now :P Pleasures of the Soul has been edited and I'm waiting on a release date, so listen out for it!

Here is the blurb:

Aaliyah didn’t believe in love-at-first-sight until she met Aidan—he was everything she could ever want and more.
When Aaliyah discovers Aidan is a vampire, and that she and her best friend have been chosen as potential mates for himself and members of his vampire clan, she runs, losing her best friend along the way.
Desperate to win her over, Aidan arranges to have her found and brought to his mansion where she could be protected from outside vampires who wish to do her harm as a means to punish him.
Aaliyah’s determination to resist him despite how she truly feels, proves to be a tough obstacle for Aidan, but the closer Aaliyah gets to him, the stronger their bond grows and the lure becomes impossible to deny.
Will Aaliyah give in? Or will the past, they don’t realize they share, come back to haunt them both?


The next book in this series is Bound by Pleasure. I can't say who this book is about, or give you the blurb because it will ruin the first book :P

And then the next books are as followed:

Controlled by pleasure is next.

Pleasures of the Body

Bite of Pleasure.

And, just to add, this series might be published in print!


Now for a trilogy.

Wolf Hunt.

Forbidden Love is first.

Keta is a vampire hunter with revenge deep in her soul. She is hunting and killing all vampires until she finds the one responsible for her torture and the one who changed her into something more than what she was before.
Elijah was born a vampire but bitten by a werewolf. He is the only known half-breed in existence. The connection between his werewolf master, alpha male and pack leader, Rio, and himself can’t be broken, even by vampire law. So when Rio’s daughter, Katrina, goes missing, Elijah is ordered to search for her.
Keta and Elijah’s paths cross and an explosion of deep lust neither of them understand is awoken, threatening to destroy everything Keta believed in and unmask the identity she tried so hard to keep intact.
Can Keta trust Elijah before their forbidden love kills them both?


This book is available from Extasy Books, Amazon and other e-book stores. I know a lot of people are excited about this book, just from the cover :P

Forbidden Pack I plan on writing soon and I will end it with Forbidden Truce. As my first wolf/vampire trilogy, I hope everyone enjoys it.



Love Kills...where to start with this book?


Did I say two publishers? I meant three! :P

Love Kills is my first book where the main character isn't a vampire, or a werewolf but an Immortal. I loved writing this book because it's in first person, just like the Cursed in Darkness series. It is also my very first Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, YA book.

In a world full of Demons, Rayne is the only one of her kind. An Immortal destined to change the fates of the ones she swore to protect.
When Kade arrives, the tables turn and Rayne finds her own life on the line. As a Demon of death and destruction, Kade has the ability to take Rayne’s Immortal life from her.
Rayne hungers for his blood and Kade lusts for her body underneath his. Their desires spark, igniting passion neither of them can control.
As the apocalypse nears, Rayne trains hard to prepare for war but when everything begins to fall apart and Kade’s Demonic side reigns free, turning him against her, she only has two options: fight with her life to save the Demons, or let herself be killed, potentially destroying everything in the process.
Which will she choose?


I’ll be receiving edits for this book soon! And most importantly, it will be I print! YAY!


With this book, I planned on making it a loner. But once I finished it, and had someone read and review it for me, I realised I couldn't keep it as just one book. So, after much thought, I've decided to make this into a series. Immortal Desire Chronicles.


Now for a stand alone book.

Bound. This book came to me with the hype of the "End of the World" we had last year. I have no idea why it came to me and really, I'm not going to question the ideas that come into my head. As long as it's a great story and my readers love it.

I love the logline: Her death means the end of the World, but to live she must sacrifice her humanity...


Daughter of Darkness is another book. I know this book is going to be in a series, I just haven't figured out what that series is called yet xD

This book is different, just like Love Kills. My main character isn't a vampire, werewolf or an Immortal. She's Death's daughter :P

Fitting name for the book, don't you think? :P

I've actually only written the prologue for this book xD

The second book will be called Son of Light and as you might have guessed from the name, this book will be about someone else from Daughter of Darkness.

I really want the cover to this book. It is going to be AWESOME!


Light in the Dark. A non-paranormal book and a personal one for me.

I'll give you more information soon.


Heart of a Dragon...well this story is an interesting one, and the reason why I am writing it is an interesting one too.

My little brother, Liam, he's only fourteen years old, so he can't read my current books because of the content. For weeks he asked me to write him a book that he can read (this was before Love Kills was made YA) so, when I went to sleep that night, the book came to me.

Heart of a Dragon. The perfect book for my little brother.

It'll take a LOT of work writing this book, but I'll eventually get it done.

Liam even helped me out by naming the main character, Saphira and gave me names to the planet, and the places within the planet.

So yes, he's excited about this one :P



True Power

Now this definitely has a story to it.

When I was fourteen, I had a cool dream about a witch. Someone always told me to write my dreams down otherwise I'll forget them (I dont even want to think about all the ideas I've forgotten over the years) so that's what I did and I just didn't stop.

True Power was born and within the next year, I had the rest of the series written.

Hidden Powers I eventually called the series, with five books to it. True Power, No Control, Hidden Powers, Ultimate Power and Orb of Power.

I was so excited about this series, even though it was for my little sisters eyes only. I never once thought about getting them published until I wrote my first vampire book Creatures of the Shadows (which ended up being Changed, with ended up being Eternal Darkness, Dark Shadows and Dark Awakening.)

After that, I decided to try and get it published. I had a large publishing company contacting me about my books, but because they wanted me to pay to get it published, I turned them down.

Never, EVER pay a publisher to get your book published unless you're self-publishing.

The next company to contact me were...well conmen. I had a critique looking at my work, got the contract and everything. And then the bomb blew up in my face. They stole a lot of money from me and after that, I gave up writing entirely.

Yeah, that worked!

Writing is my life and I couldn't live without it. With the help of my awesome sister, I found eXtasy Books for my Cursed in Darkness series, but I locked the Hidden Power series away and never touched it again.

Until a few months ago. I was searching through all my books and I found the lost series. It had been two-three years since I'd opened True Power and when I did, I didn't even realised how much I'd written seven years ago. 110,000 words! I read through it and I laughed, I cried, I got angry and all the other emotions that come with reading. I just knew I couldn't let this book go unpublished. So, I've decided to re-write it (my writing has improved drastically since I was fourteen) and I also decided to make it erotica.

It’s finished and I’m waiting on edits. It might only be 27,000 words instead of the 110,000 words I wrote back then, but I’m still really pleased with the outcome of the story.

Whether I can write the five book series I wrote back then is an entirely different story.

We'll have to wait and see.

So that's it! For now, you're all updated on what goes on in this crazy head of mine and I hope you all enjoy what you read as they come out :) <3