A Dark Desire


Can the love of a human restore the memories stolen from him before their connected lives kill them both?

When Nikalye wakes in the middle of nowhere, unable to remember even his own name, he has no choice but to trust the only person who remembers him—a human woman—to help him find his way back to the only thing he remembers—a beautiful and deadly warrior. Layla.
Despite being attacked by vampires in the past, Belia Garcia Sanchez tries to help Nikalye, feeling as though she owes him after he saved her life. She knows that in order for him to remember what he forgot she needs to help him get back home but doesn’t know how. She lives in the middle of the South Pole and trusts no one to help her.
Belia is attacked by vampires again, and after saving her, Nikalye knows he has to get to Layla in order to save Belia and everyone he loves from the danger he can’t see before it’s too late.
When he’s reunited with Layla and his memories are restored, a man he thought to be dead makes his appearance. When he threatens Belia and Layla’s life, Nikalye must choose between the two women he loves.Who will he choose?
  He kissed her gently, moving his lips slowly against hers. When she moaned, she also felt Nikalye harden against her. Pleasure shot through her as he pushed her back against the bed and, being careful of the wound on her shoulder, took her top off.
He groaned as he squeezed her full breasts gently and licked his lips when her nipples hardened into tight buds. She gasped when he plucked one of her nipples, rolling it between his finger and thumb as he captured her lips once more. She moaned into his mouth, pulled his face closer and slipped her tongue into his mouth.
Nikalye grasped her hips tight as he opened her legs with his legs and ground himself against her. He pulled her nipple into his mouth and groaned.
Belia breathed heavily, trying to control the emotions running through her. She’d never felt anything like this before. When Nikalye ran his tongue over her nipple and rubbed himself against her sweet spot, Belia arched, gripping his shoulders tight as she cried out.
Nikalye pulled at her clothes as he ran his lips down her body and opened her legs wide.
Belia felt herself growing wetter by the second, feeling it slide out of her. When Nikalye pushed her legs up, she nearly came when licked a hot trail over her and slid his tongue inside of her. Her back arched off the bed and she grasped his hair tight and pushed him further into her, wanting more from him. “Oh, Nikalye!” Her grip tightened and she twitched when Nikalye growled and slid his tongue over her clit before sucking it into his mouth. I’m going to come! Nikalye!

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