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E-books published with Extasy Books


Cursed in Darkness Series


Eternal Darkness – Available now

Dark Shadows – Available now

Dark Awakening – Available now

Dark Secrets – Available now

Ascend from Darkness – Available now

Darkness Arising – Available now

Darkness Unveiled – Available now



World of Darkness Series: (This series is connected to the Cursed in Darkness Series)


A Dark Desire - Available now

A Dark Hunger - Available now

A Dark Passion (Planned)

A Dark Temptation (Planned)

A Dark Flame (Planned)

A Dark Touch (Planned)

A Dark Change (Planned)



Wolf Hunt Series


Forbidden Love

Forbidden Pack

Forbidden Truce


Hidden Powers Series


True Power

No Control

Hidden Power

Ultimate Power

Orb of Power



Stand alone book







Books being published with Red Sage Publishing


Soul Bite Series


Pleasures of the Soul (Editing Process)
Bound by Pleasure (Writing)

Bonded by Pleasure

Controlled by Pleasure

Pleasures of the Body

Bite of Pleasure

Books being published with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing


Love Kills (Editing Process)

Love Protects





Daughter of Darkness (Writing)

Light in the Dark (Writing)

Heart of a Dragon (Planned)

Dragon Whisperer

Whispers of the Dead


Fate Speaker: Seer of the Vampires


  1. So excited for the next book in the series!!! How long before Dark Desires is released?

    Crystal Guidroz

    1. Dark Desires, now called A Dark Desire, is already released :) You can find it at amazon and other e-book shops :)