Thursday, 18 October 2012

Darkness Arising Teaser Excerpt!

   Priscus swung his sword and I felt the air move with the force. I jumped backwards, avoiding it, but the force of it caused me to stagger backwards. Hands grabbed me from behind, I didn’t have time to struggle when the knife burned the skin on my neck.
   “You cannot fight your own battles, I see,” I spoke through gritted teeth. “Are you afraid of me as you were all those years ago?”       
   “I am...Afraid of...Nothing...I am...Merely taking...Precautions...” I felt my wrists burning and when I struggled against the Shadow Demons, they weren’t there.
  “Precautions? I asked, stretching my arms out to the side so I could see the silver manacles and chain.
  “I know...What you are...Half...Breed. You cannot defeat me with...Your own skill...And I will...Prove that...Tonight...” He swung his sword again and I rolled towards the swing before I kicked out at Priscus.
  He dissolved into a black shadow, blending in with the dark night before reappearing. I pulled on my chains, but it was no use. I could not break these, and I knew without the ability to go into my spirit form, or use my shadow weapons, I stood no chance of defeating Priscus.
   Priscus laughed loudly and cracks formed within the snow when the ground rumbled slightly.
   “You feel it...Do you not? You cannot...Defeat me just as you are...”
   “Unchain me and I’ll show you defeat.” Priscus attacked and before I could react, his sword was twisted in my chain and I was lifted off the ground. Priscus breathed out slowly, his breath coming out as mist, causing me to shiver violently.
   “I will kill you...Half-breed...And I shall rule over...Everyone...The world...will be mine...Once more...” The air around me thickened, making it harder for me to breathe. “You...Are so...Human...” My heart hammered in my chest, beating faster and faster as I struggled to breathe. I could hear my blood pumping loudly, my ears ringing...
   I fell to the floor coughing and clutching my head when pain exploded behind my eyes.
   Priscus laughed again and I felt the silver of his sword under my chin, lifting my head up to face him.
  “I wish...To taste the human...Within you...To suffocate you and kill you...Slowly...But I do not...Think you...Can die...That way...” He pushed his sword against my chin and I stood slowly, taking deep breaths. He tilted my head back, the tip of his sword slowly running a line across my neck.
   “It is...A pity you cannot...Fight back...”
   I moved fast, twisting away from his sword and jumping over his head. I twisted in midair and wrapped the chain around his neck before landing. Smoke billowed from his shadowed form and he yelled with rage that echoed around the area, causing everything to tremble.
   I pulled on the chains, placing my foot into his solid back and gritted my teeth as pain radiated through both wrists. The manacles burned and cut through my skin, causing blood to slowly slide down my arms.
   I kept my hold on the chain around Priscus’s neck.
  “You forget Priscus that even the oldest of creatures are allergic to silver. It is what connects us all in this world.” Wrapping my hands around the chain, I pulled harder and smelled the blood seeping from his wound.
  Priscus bellowed loudly and I felt his anger wash over my skin, causing me to break out in goose bumps as my hair stood on end. The chains began to heat underneath my wrists and hands and I cried out when it burned me, letting go of the chains.
   Priscus turned and as though everything was moving in slow motion, I watched as he swung his sword towards me. The sharp blade cut into my thigh and as I dropped down to the floor, the sword sunk into my stomach.
   I gasped, reality catching back up to me, and put shaking hands over my wounds to try and stem the bleeding. It seeped out from in between my fingers, staining the white snow red. Pain seared through me and as I looked up, I could see my own death in front of me...

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