Monday, 1 October 2012


 And with a giveaway!

Yes, that's right. Over at the Vampire Book Realm, I'm doing a giveaway for my new release, Ascend from Darkness, Cursed in Darkness Book Five!
Surrounded by Light and filled with Darkness. Can Layla control both in order to save everyone she loves? Or will they control her first?

With everyone in the hands of evil once more, Layla must travel through the Spirit World, home to the Spirit Demons, in order to get to them. There is just one problem. The Spirit Demons have rules. Without a body, Layla cannot leave, and she cannot save the others from their deaths.
Layla is not a Spirit Demon, however, and does not have to listen to their rules. She sets off to search for the one place where Darkness resides in the world of Light. Only then can she leave the Spirit World.There is a price. No one pure at heart can near the Darkness, and there is only one thing she can do to stay in control. She has to turn to the darkness inside of her, and she must control it before she can enter the Shadow Realm—full of cold hearted and dangerous Shadow Demons, far stronger than she. Layla has to fight her most ancient enemy yet and must face her past in order to defeat him and free the others from their fate.
Will the war between Layla and her dark past ever end?

Follow the link and the instructions in he website.

A winner will be chosen at random, and not by me.

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