Sunday, 15 July 2012

“She can't have been serious...”

Okay, so an announcement was made on Facebook today by the awesome, Jimmy Thomas.


For those of you who don't know who that is, he's the hot model on my covers :)

So anyway, the announcement made was basically this...

ATTENTION: An author to stay away from! This author STEALS watermarked images from iStock and uses them as her book covers! She has them posted on Smashwords, Amazon, AllRomanceEBooks and Goodreads. I've already contacted the photographer to have him contact those book store sites to report it, and Smashwords, Amazon and AllRomanceEBooks have already removed her book with this stolen image, but WT...F! She makes it OBVIOUS by not even erasing all of the watermark. People like this should be exposed for their ignorance and illegal image use, so they can be punished and learn a lesson not to STEAL people's hard work. I say post this everywhere and let everyone see what she is doing... being a copyright infringement THIEF! And now everyone will know her for this! What a way to brand yourself Sara Trimble!"

It also has links to her too, which for the safety of myself, I WON'T put on here :P I don't want to go making any enemies now, do I?

I will, however give you the link to Jimmy Thomas's facebook fan page so you can get them yourself :P!/CoverModelJimmyThomas

But what the hell? She can't have been serious when she decided to steal one of his pictures and use it for her own and not even "try" to get rid of the watermark... If you look at the pictures, you can see she's just blurred the watermark out. It stands out clearer than it did when she didn't mess around wth it.

I really can't get my head around this...I really can't...


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