Sunday, 1 July 2012

Indepenence Blog Hop!

Here it is again! Another Blog Hop Spot!

Not only will you have a chance to win a PDF copy of the third book in the Cursed in Darkness series, but below you will find a link to The Blog Hop Spot where a full list of participating authors are waiting to give out all kinds of prizes! Take full advantage! I know I will ;)
The rules are simple :P Follow this blog and/or leave a comment on the logline, cover, blurb and excerpt, and you just might win a copy of Dark Awakening.

Now, just to remind you again, this is the THIRD book in the series, so if you haven't read the first two, then catch up as fast as you can! I'll be getting my Gally for the fourth book soon, which means I'll be getting a release date :P You won't want to miss out, I promise!


Danger lurks in the shadows, waiting. Can Layla catch the killer
before the next victim is chosen? Or will the killer catch her first?

In the hundred acres of land, more security and more people are watching Layla’s back now that everyone knows who she is. Layla wants to find the person responsible for the attacks made at her, just like everyone else, but when an attack happens to someone other than her, she and Nikalye are the only ones who know the truth. They are determined to find the culprit once and for all, before someone else is seriously injured.Layla wishes she could tell Shade everything.
He knows something is not right more than he can make her gasp with pleasure by just saying her name, but she cannot tell himshe will not risk putting him in danger any more than she has. She continuously fights for survival to keep herself and those around her alive, but when more things sinister arrive in the hundred acres of land and the culprit is revealed, the situation turns from bad to deadly.
Will Layla be able to survive?


Shade appeared to be asleep when I walked into his room. I crawled across his bed and just listened to his steady breathing. He was on his back, one of his hands was under his head, and the other was on his stomach.
I could just leave but I promised him I would come back, asleep or not.
I gently touched the hand on his stomach, he grabbed it and pulled me across his body. His reflexes were good while he was sleeping, as they were when he was awake.
“You were gone a long time,” he murmured without opening his eyes.
I smiled. “You fell asleep,” I replied. I knew he was not faking it. I could not feel the tingling pleasure in his touch.
“I am awake now.” He opened his eyes.
“I can see.”
Shade stretched as he turned his lamp on. He ran his hands up my thighs and then grabbed my hips. He looked up at me and smiled. “I missed you.”
I laughed. “Not enough I see, you fell asleep.” He smiled and sat up. He moved my hair from my face before kissing me. I smiled against his lips and moved away from him.
“Don’t tease,” he groaned, making me smile.
“I am nothing but a tease. We are not having sex.”
He laughed. “I only wanted to kiss you.”
“Shade, kissing would lead to sex.”
I smiled widely now. “I am wearing nothing but a dressing gown over my underwear.” I pulled the covers back and saw he was only in his boxers. “You are only in your boxers. We are in your room and on your bed. Kissing would lead to sex, especially with how you make me feel with your touch because of our bond.”
“What if I promise you there will be no sex?”
I smiled. “Then we sleep. I am very tired.”
He smiled and pulled me further into him. While we kissed, he took my dressing gown off and gripped my hips tight, rubbing me in the right places with his body. I broke off the kissed, gasping.
“No sex, I did promise,” he said before I could speak.
I smiled at him and pushed him back down. I climbed under the covers and lay on my side, Shade did the same and I felt his fingertips on my skin. He ran them from my shoulder and along the curves of my body, to my thigh. I sighed and he did it again.
“I can smell your arousal,” Shade murmured.
“We need sleep or we will not be able to fight with a clear head tomorrow. Lohron will beat us.”
Shade laughed. “I doubt that. We’ll team up and kick his ass.”   I smiled. “Maybe, but then what if we get in each other’s way. I think I would have to take you down.”
“You mean, try to take me down?” Shade asked.
  I grinned as I felt him unclip my bra. Hishands went underneath and he held my breasts as I pulled it off fully and dropped it to the floor. "No sex." I felt Shade smile against my skin.
  "No sex," he promised as pleasure shot through me...


  1. Great excerpt! I love the playfulness between Shade and Layla! And definitely, I need to read the first two books of this series!

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    Happy 4th of July

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  10. That excerpt was HOT! I love the teasing, the sexual tension. I loved the cover I want her boots and I wouldn't mind having my hand where hers is :O)