Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The VERY first book I ever wrote

I've been writing since I was fourteen years old. It was a good way to get out of the world I lived in, and jump into the world I created, the one I wished I lived in. A world full of vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and others.

The very first books I wrote was about witches. I called my first series Hidden Powers and wrote five books for it. I loved witches, probably not as much as vampires. I have always and probably will always write my books from the dreams I have. I don't always dream about my books, but once I get started, the ideas come in my sleep. Maybe it's because I'm most relaxed then? Maybe :P

The first book I wrote for the Hidden Powers series was called True Power. It was about the life of Lyra/Lilika/Lillianna (I was forever changing her name). She was a sixteen year old girl whose parents died in a freak fire when she wasn't even a day old. Her parents died, yet she survived, found on the street near the house.
She spent her life in an orphanage, where she grew up to be hated and feared at the same time. Why? Well she was different, not only with how she looked, but because of the weird things that happened whenever she was around. All the girls wanted to be her, and hated her because of that. All the boys wanted to have her, but wouldn't touch her if she was the last girl on Earth, despite her being incredibly beautiful and hard to resist.
One night, something happened, and she was forced to flee from the one place she could never call home.

-I screamed at Lee, who was doubled over laughing. He stood up straight, wiping tears from his eyes and looked at me. Lee's eyes widened in fear. He opened and closed his mouth until he could finally get his words out.
"I... I'm sorry... I... I didn't mean—" He ran through the trees away from me. I watched him go, confused.
What the hell had happened?-


She was forced to run when everyone started banging on her bedroom door, threatening her. She packed her bags and climbed out of her window just as they broke down her door. They threw rocks ar her as she ran, but didn't follow. Two burly men did and she was forced to hide in a tree until she felt safe enough to go looking for somewhere to stay.

For a while she was living on her own in an old abandoned house, doing odd jobs here and there to get money. She was good at disguising herself and could easily get around un-noticed. she was free, or as free as she would ever be able to get, when the same two men that chased her, came back. Naturally, she fought, only to find out that it was a few of the kids from the orphanage who told them where she was, wanting her out of the picture once and for all.

It wasn't that simple. Not when it came to Lyra/Lilika/Lillianna.

-Energy burns through me, warming me up. I close my eyes with the force of it and feel a breeze blow at me, lifting my hair off my shoulders. I curl my hands into fists and take a deep breath as I open my eyes to watch everyone rush forward. They made it two steps forward before I'm engulfed in fire. It shoots up my arms and legs, covering me completely.
I blink and the abandoned house disappears, along with everyone in it.-

After that, her life changes forever when she meets others like her, and learns more then she could ever imagine.

So, why haven't I had these series published? Well I tried. My first
time looking for a publisher and I was confidant.

Not for long. I found a publisher and they basically stamped on my work and made me feel useless. Not from a rejection, no, they actually said they liked my work.

Unfortunately, they were conmen, and I lost a lot of money to them. I gave up and never really came back to these series. I didn't want to be reminded.

Will I go back and try to get them published? Of course I will, once I've re-written them all. I've learned a thing or two about writing :P

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