Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hot New Cover In the World of Darkness Series

A Dark Passion
World of Darkness Book Three
Will Tyroz give into the dark passion of a dhampir?

After a night of passion with a mysterious beautiful, tattooed woman, Tyroz decides—eight years later—to try and find her, but when he hears the news that humans have once again risen, he makes a plan to help Riyzan capture them and find the one hunting for Layla.
Unaware to Tyroz, Alara waits in the shadows for an opening to take him down, but when they come face-to-face, all she can think about is his hands, lips and tongue touching her as she remembers their one night of heat. Distracted, she’s left open for attack but Tyroz saves her life, and Alara feels as though she’s in his debt.
Tyroz agrees to keep her safe, realising that having a beautiful assassin on his side will work to his advantage and not wanting to lose her again, but when he finds out she’s a dhampir, he’s torn between killing her, and rekindling the passion they shared once before.
Can Alara teach Tyroz the true meaning of love, or will his stubbornness get them both killed?

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